Birth thru 1 year - This is an exciting time for parents, in a very short period of time rapid physical changes will occur.
In no time at all, your little bundle of joy will be curious to find out about the world around them. Once the baby is settled into a routine, make their first appointment.

2nd Year: Now your toddler (not your little baby anylonger) starts to repsond and has well established a foundation for
their personality. Unpredictable but responsive to humor and actions, show their lovable, shy or funny side.

At the age of 3 the days of make believe, self entertainment start to demonstrate the child personality, likes and dislikes. There is still much mystery about the ever growing mind and shaping it for the future. Take advantage of this precious time and capture the spirit.

The fourth and fifth years are among the cutest, most engaging ages for little boys and girls . . . the ability to speak and reason grow stronger every day. Searching for their place in the world, they have already developed personal interests, starting to display their individuality. Their character and action should be portrayed before the baby teeth are lost and replaced by permanent ones . . . forever altering the endearing look of early childhood.

Between the ages of 6 and 8, the body starts to mature and the mind is now busy with school, sports and making friends. Creative portraits could assist with establishing a positive self image.

The ages of 9 to 12, ahh the challenge of broaching the teenage years. This period of physical and psychological development, from the onset of puberty to maturity is at full swing. The little person you have known so well is becoming more and more complex and a less dependent young person. Capturing the essence of the child (soon to be adult) and their ever expanding horizon is important. The pressure of their peers is likely to influence their short term personality and must be cherished for years to come.

The High School years, these years provide many activities that as parents you will wish to reflect upon. Your children are now yound adults, and the innocence is slowly replaced with the anticipation of becoming and adult. Prom night, Homecoming, Graduation, are all things sure to bring memories in the years to come. If your child participates in sports, let us photograph the "BIG GAME" with your athlete as the star. See our sports section for more information.